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CrossFit Success Story - Shalini Khattar

Athlete Profile: Career: House wife. CrossFit Start Date: 25th April 2015 CrossFit Story: I initially forced myself to join CrossFit with a friend's suggestion but I was sure, I will not be able to do it with 102 kg body weight. My first class had 3 rounds of 400m run and coming up three floors which seemed to be impossible as I would barely climb stairs and as expected I could not complete my workout. But slowly and gradually things changed, and workouts become interesting and fun and my lifestyle become very positive and energetic. With regular classes, I built good stamina and courage to do and complete my workouts. My coaches and batch mates are simply amazing and so helpful, always cheering you and pushing you to do better and better. They all are family now. From 102 kg to 80kg body weight journey at CrossFit Life Performance made me physically, mentally and emotionally very strong and confident. LIFE SEEMS MORE BEAUTIFUL NOW. Memorable achievements: Each day at my box is memorable. Every day I have a new fear and challenge and when I overcome that, it simply makes my day. My memorable days were when I completed the 16.1.... 16.5 series of CrossFit Games Open 2016 workouts. I may have not completed them with the best timing but I gave my 200% What would I tell someone considering CrossFit Life Performance: CrossFit is not a gym or health club, It’s a TRANSFORMATION PLACE where you become a NEW, BETTER, FIT, POSITIVE and a VERY HAPPY HEALTHY PERSON for life. I AM PROUD AND ADDICTED TO CROSSFIT.
March 2019
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