Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
05:30am 05:30am ROMWOD Day 05:30am
06:30am 06:30am 06:30am 06:30am 06:30am
07:30am 07:30am 07:30am 07:30am 07:30am
08:30am 08:30am 08:30am 08:00am 08:30am 08:30am
09:45am 09:45am 09:45am
05:00pm-Teens 05:00pm-Teens 05:00pm-Teens
06:00pm 06:00pm 06:00pm 06:00pm 06:00pm
07:00pm 07:00pm 07:00pm 07:00pm 07:00pm 07:00pm
08:00pm 08:00pm 08:00pm 08:00pm 08:00pm

Thursday – We will spend this day working on Stretching Routine for all athletes, to strengthen & open joints.
Sunday – Open CrossFit Box from 09:45am to 11:45am
Free Trial Session Available on Request. (Terms and Conditions applied for free trial classes, available to only residents of Gurgaon. Drop-in charges applicable for someone visiting for a short while.)
(CFLP is Closed between 12noon to 4pm on Weekdays, and Closed on Sundays all day after 12noon.)