Adhish Chhabra

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer


Adhish always had an inclination towards fitness, back when he was 17 he realized the importance of being fit and a good athlete, he worked hard and created his own workout plus diet schedule to lose weight form 125kg at the age of 17 to 65 kg by the age of 18. Since then he knew that fitness would always be a great part of his life. He looked for new challenges to motivate him for working even harder. It started with long distance running while he was in class 12 at The Shri Ram School in Gurgaon, which helped immensely in the weight loss process. His endurance levels had reached a stage that he was running 12 km under 60min every alternate day.

To take his fitness to a different level, he picked up power-lifting while in college when he was doing his engineering in Information Technology. He trained with the national lifters and also picked up all the methodologies that he thought would benefit him. He enjoyed mixing his training with heavy Squats, Presses and Lifts plus also adding a bit of running to it. Both through school and college he loved playing basketball as he loved the intensity involved in the game.

By the end of college he wanted to take this pursuit for fitness to the next level, that’s when he decided to take up mountaineering as a hobby. He went through the mountaineering courses of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute at Darjeeling and trained at a height of 4500m at The Rathong Glacier in Sikkim. As a part of his mountaineering team he climbed The Renoke Peak Successfully (Height 5100m). Sadly he didn’t get many mountains to climb where he lived in the plains and also during the winter months, that’s when long distance cycling took his attention. He started planning for a solo journey from Gurgaon to Goa on his cycle. He started his training by cycling 60km everyday and took it up to riding 100km every alternate day. Once he was prepared, he started his solo self supported ride of 1900 km from Gurgaon to Goa. He cycled from 100 to 200 km each day and covered this whole distance in 14 days.


After Goa, Adhish did many long distance cycling rides, solo and as a part of a group. A few like Chandigarh to Shimla, Jaisalmer to Jodhpur and more. But another one of his exciting solo travel was the high altitude cycling days of Manali to Leh. He maintained a blog of his travels (iRideaCycle), and while in Leh he also did a few trek some up to a height of 6000m.

This was also the time that Adhish go to know about CrossFit, he started doing CrossFit workouts to help him with his cycling, running and mountaineering. He found that CrossFit gives you the most challenging workouts no matter where your fitness level is, he enjoyed the high intensity workouts involved in the CrossFit methodologies. Plus also CrossFit gave him a chance to learn even more new things like gymnastics and Olympic style weightlifting. CrossFit helped him gain a fitness level he was always looking for. The movements which felt tough in the beginning, with the right practice became easier. He started loving CrossFit because it made him realize that there is no stop to learning something new in life, and it can be done at any age.

Now Adhish also thought of taking CrossFit as a career, as he knew it would help him do everything he enjoys. He did his CrossFit Level 1 training and gained experience in coaching others at CrossFit Himalaya and later also coaching at Reebok CrossFit Gurgaon for a year.


To gain more knowledge about CrossFit Adhish travelled to USA and visited many CrossFit gyms to meet other CrossFit Trainers and learn from them. He also did the specialization in Olympic Weightlifting Coaching with Olympic Coach Mike Burgener and his team, as he felt an interest grow towards that field.

Adhish loves helping people to achieve fitness with a safe and quick process by the help of CrossFit training, and he wants to provide the vast knowledge and world of CrossFit to everyone at CrossFit Life Performance. He keeps an open mind to learn new things from the people he meets, and also he knows the importance of improving and growing as a coach and athlete everyday.