Cancellations Policy

Cancellation & Termination

1. A Member is not permitted to apply for cancellation of his membership before the completion of the minimum term of his membership. After the expiry of the minimum term a Member can apply for the cancellation of his membership by filling up an Amendment Form provided by the Company, which can only be obtained from the Front Desk of CFLP. The Member shall be required to apply for the cancellation of their membership at least Fourteen (14) Calendar Days in advance.

2. The Amendment Form must be duly filled and signed by the Member with all the relevant information and the Membership Dues and Membership Subscription of the Member must be cleared in full. The Company provides a copy of the receipt of the Amendment Form but this is not a confirmation of the cancellation taking effect. The Cancellation shall not take effect until the Company approves the same and has received all the Membership Dues and Cancellation Fees, if any. A receipt will be provided for all payments made by the Member.

3. CFLP reserves the right to terminate the membership of a Member at any time without any notice and any refund of the Membership Dues in respect thereof inclusive of but limited to when a Member is found to be incapable of entering into any contractual obligation in accordance with The Indian Contract Act, 1872. Further in case of the breach of any of the CFLP Rules, as specified from time to time, the Company has the right to terminate the membership of a Member without notice and the Company shall not be liable for the refund of any of the Membership Dues or other payments made by the member.

CFLP shall not be held responsible for changes in the Government Bye-laws whether they are Local, Regional or National and as such is not liable for refunds if the gym’s Facilities, Services and Operating Hours are affected because of the same.