Anandrup Basu


What motivated you to join the Eat Clean Challenge?

1. There are few things which motivated me to take the challenge:
a) I wanted to try a diet plan which i think i would be able to sustain and not necessarily focus for 6 weeks only.
b) I wanted to bring in the culture of healthy eating in my house. If a foodie like me can do it then definitely others can also do the same.
C) I wanted to feel light and improve my fitness levels.

What is the biggest change you needed to make to adhere to the Challenge guidelines?
2. The only change required was to train my mind. Specifically not thinking of rice, sugar or processed food. I couldn’t think of my life without these.

Tell us about your favorite food during the Challenge… What was it?
3. Healthy salad along with chicken drumsticks, which is my staple food even today.

What was your proud moment at the end of the Challenge?

4. At the end of the challenge i did my annual health check up. For long cholesterol was one of my biggest problem and i never took medication for those. At one point of time it used to over 450, after joining cross fit i noticed the levels improved to around 230-250. This time its 180. Not only that all my medical reports shows me in the Green Zone. The feeling was like passing an exam with distinction.

What is the biggest change that you have embraced as a new life style after the Challenge?
5. As mentioned above i am still continuing my Eat Clean challenge diet. Yes i may cheat a bit during the weekends but my overall diet has changed for good. I no longer crave for rice or sweet products.

What are the three big benefits that you felt as an outcome of the Challenge?
6. I feel very happy and proud of what i have achieved. The medical report was a huge motivation for me. It showed me what healthy diet can do for you. I have long been waiting for a diet plan which i can sustain and i have got that now. Most importantly in my house i see my daughter has not only reduced pizzas, burgers but she is trying out fruits, salads with me. I wanted to be an example for her and i hope she will get inspiration to live a healthy life. Lastly i definitely see my fitness levels are also improving.

I would like to Thank Richa and the CrossFit team for this initiative and guiding me to a healthy life.