Ruchika Dahiya


1. What motivated you to join the Eat Clean Challenge?
I joined the challenge because I wanted to experiment with my diet and I wasn’t motivated to do that on my own. The idea of doing a challenge with a bunch of other fellow athletes at the box gave me the motivation I needed. It’s always better to take up such challenges in a group rather than as an individual.

2. What is the biggest change you needed to make to adhere to the Challenge guidelines?
My diet didn’t include as much protein as was required by the challenge. Including protein in every meal was the change that required maximum effort in terms of buying more meat and cooking it.

3. Tell us about your favorite food during the Challenge… What was it?
My favorite food was grilled chicken

4. What was your proud moment at the end of the Challenge?
My proud moment was when I was able to set a personal record in back squats especially since I couldn’t do squats at all for six months due to an injury. And being able to fit into all of my old clothes. Seeing the before and after pictures gave me the biggest sense of accomplishment.

5. What is the biggest change that you have embraced as a new life style after the Challenge?
Cutting sugar out of my diet completely

6. What are the three big benefits that you felt as an outcome of the Challenge?
I feel lighter, happier and healthier. Most of all I feel fitter than I’ve ever felt before. Thank you CrossFit Life Performance for doing this challenge and changing the way I approach food.