1. What motivates you to join the eat clean challenge?
I wanted to be fit and then Richa came up with the challenge… It was like my dreams answered.

2. What is the biggest change you needed to make to adhere to challenge guidelines?
My biggest change was to cut my portions and split my meals and worst was to avoid the bread.

3. Tell us about your favourite food during the challenge.
It was lots of different kinds of fish as I’m a Pescatarian.

4. What was your proud moment at the end of the challenge?
When I saw change in people’s eyes for me and my old lovely dresses started fitting me\

5. What is the biggest change that you have embraced as a new lifestyle after the challenge?
To keep a check on what I eat and with the portion control

6. What are the three big benefits that you felt as an outcome of the challenge?
I feel great in my clothes
My self confidence has increased
My relationship with the spouse has become better