Dinesh Chhabra

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Throughout my life I have always been one of those, who would promise oneself at the beginning of the year that i would want to live a happy and healthy life, would even join some activity beginning of the year, join gyms, bought treadmill even to an extent buying new clothes and shoes, but by the end of 1st quarter, enthusiasms would give way to lethargy, one excuse or other, I am busy, office needs me, can’t get up, not well etc etc etc…, treadmill will be used as towel hanger, shoes and clothes will go deep inside somewhere and I would be back to the same old rut. I kept living a happy life (My own assumed definition of being happy) smoking 20 cigarettes ++ daily, couple of drinks every alternate day perhaps.

Last I played any meaningful sport was basketball that too perhaps 40 years back. That also started not for my will to be healthy but to run away from some boring classes.

I have always been doing very well in my career, not afraid of putting in days and nights of hard work, not worried of living out of suitcase to an extent have seen kids growing horizontally. Never really felt the need to be fitter along with being happy (so called my own definition of being happy).

Turning point in my life came when in 2013, I went for my annual medical checkup, at the end of medical check I met the councillor, he said, Mr Chhabra I am really surprised your BP / Sugar / TMT / lever / kidney/ Bone Density etc.. are all ok, but you are suffering from two serious problems one is you have been smoking for over 35 years and 2nd you are obese. Since God has been so kind to you in spite of you doing all wrong things in your life, he has kept you all well why don’t you get rid of these two, your own created problems. It struck me for the 1st time I made genuine promise to myself and for myself that I would get rid of these two problems as well. Gave up cigarettes in June 2013, thereafter came to Adhish seeking help. He took me down to the garden, made me do some squats and 2 rounds of 100 meter run. I felt really ashamed of myself I couldn’t even run 100 meters.

Then came CrossFit in my life I think it was beginning of 2014 winters when it all started and since then CFLP and the my family (Members) at CFLP is my lifeline, I still remember my 1st few days I met few of the best people in my life. Mr. Iyer, during one of the 1st few 400 meter runs, he saw I wasn’t able to run, he held my hand walked with me, encouraged me to run.

It took me a while to remove my glasses of being father and start seeing Vijay, Adhish and Rohit as coaches. Believe me, it is not because they are my kids or I love them, these guys are really good, In my over 35 years of experience I have had opportunity of meeting many Indian and foreign transformational coaches, but none come close to these three kids. There is something special about them, you may be down and out but coming back to CFLP, talking to the coaches will make you pull yourself up. Transformation is a two way process, it is what you get and in return what you give back. The process of giving back needs those special people who can draw the best out of you.

Now I go to CFLP every day (two years now) sometimes even against the advice of Adhish (This perhaps is the only advice I keep ignoring). I started crossfit because I wanted to die healthy now I am thinking positive I want to live healthy all my life. From the time I couldn’t even run for 100 meters to the time I can do 10K in an hour, lifted over 200 LBS, participate well in WOD’s like MUPPH, DON, so on. Started feeling and thinking younger, become closure to the love of my life Neelam, spending some quality time with family. Though there are still some vices which I would want to give up addiction to TV is one and other perhaps someday I would want to give up drinking though have drastically reduce from couple of days in week to couple of days in month.

Last but not the least, CFLP has not only given me a hobby (Which perhaps now I love more then I love my job), but it has given me society of like-minded people, each one of the members are like a family, everyone is happy about the progress or hard work being put in by the fellow members. If I don’t meet even one of the fellow members even for a day I feel like missing some one important in life. Each one of my team member are so precious and important to me and I can’t think of living without CFLP and gang members at CFLP.

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