1. What motivated you to join the Eat Clean Challenge?

I was motivated to do the challenge for several reasons. When I go back to the US, it is easy to fall back into old habits of eating comfort food or even just unhealthy favorites before coming back to India. I knew when I got back to India, I needed to get back into the habit of eating healthy. I am extremely goal oriented, so I knew that if I had a 6-week goal, then I would actually make changes in my diet. I wanted to get healthy again, challenge myself, and see how much of a difference eating clean would make for my body.

2. What is the biggest change you needed to make to adhere to the Challenge guidelines?

I needed to plan ahead! Having a maid at home cooking for 4 other girls made it a little bit difficult to make arrangement for myself, but it isn’t impossible. I needed to sit down at the beginning of the week and make a plan with my fiancé for the meals we would make for ourselves. When you don’t have a plan of what you’re going to eat, you’ll eat whatever is available. Available food is hardly ever healthy.

3. Tell us about your favorite food during the Challenge… What was it?

Grilled fish and roasted vegetables. Roasting vegetables brings out so many good flavors and was already one of my favorites to make. Eating clean gave me reason to eat it several times a week. We have a grill at home, so throwing fish or chicken breasts into a foil packet was an easy way to make lots of food in advance or even meal to meal.

4. What was your proud moment at the end of the Challenge?

Winning in my bracket! It felt great to know that I had stuck to the program and had something to show for it. Knowing that I’m getting married in the next 45 days, I’m not as worried about my appearance or with my fitness goals. I’m right on track!

5. What is the biggest change that you have embraced as a new life style after the Challenge?

I can say no to high carbs and sweets much easier now! There are cheats that are worth it, and there are things that aren’t. I can look at food options and reason out what would be beneficial and what foods are just wasted calories.

6. What are the three big benefits that you felt as an outcome of the Challenge?

I look at food as fuel for my body now instead of something that tastes good
I am much more aware of my carb and sugar intake
I lost 8 inches! I can see significant improvement in the way that my clothes fit.