Kanika Kumar

Career : Interior Designer
CrossFit Start Date : July 2014


CrossFit Story :
My husband and I love food…When I was completing my graduation, I used to eat a lot of junk food on daily routines and almost every meal. At that time I didn’t like to eat at home…My meal routine was very bad, I used to order pizzas and coke as soon as I was about to reach home from college. During that time I didn’t even think to do any workout or join any gym. I used to be so lazy and tired all the time…My body weight was increasing everyday which made me feel very bad. I remember one day when I went shopping for my cousin’s marriage, and I didn’t get a single dress of my size…I started hating shopping that moment. I used to be angry with my friends and family because they used to comment on my body fat. I started suffering from breathing problems and body aches because of excessive body weight. I was willing to reduce my body weight but did not know what to start with. I joined several gyms but was not able to continue because of the boring environment, even tried walked a lot in morning which didn’t help. Due to lack of knowledge i just ate corn flakes for a month in all of my meals, but I didn’t get a positive result.

Finally after seeing my husband’s (Mandheer Kumar) performance at CrossFit, I joined CrossFit Life Performance…also took a nutrition plan from Richa Arya, and put hard work in my workouts…this helped me get fitter everyday.
The day I joined CrossFit I was 67.8kg and today I am 54.2 kg. With strength, fitness, endurance and for this I am very thankful to all my coaches – Rohit, Vijay and Adhish…and also Richa for helping with a healthy nutrition.


About CrossFit Life Performance :
CrossFit Life Performance is much more than a gym, actually it’s not even a gym, its a space that resembles an area of positivity. 2 years with CFLP not only have they changed my lifestyles but they give me a much more healthy community a family to enjoy. This is why for last two years I am working out without missing any classes…The best thing of my whole day are those 2 hours of my training – I work on my weaknesses and I must say that during that time my coaches are working on my weaknesses, they have full concentration and wisdom on our each and every movement plus techniques. I feel very comfortable during my sessions. One of the best thing i found here is unity in diversity i.e. no age boundary which is very inspiring and a great motivation. The people around us are so filled with enthusiasm and energy form workouts of the day that keep me motivated and also my coaches make me believe that I can do everything.

Memorable Achievements :
There are so many achievements but the time when I got my first pull up and hand stand push up is my best achievement that I will never forget. I have increased my craving fro gymnastic movements, and want to learn more each day at CFLP.