Vijay Singh Yadav


Career: Own/manage businesses.

Crossfit Start Date: January 2015

Crossfit Story:
My wife, son and I moved from Dallas, Texas to Gurgaon in 2014. In the US I was very active in various athletic activities. Tennis, running, swimming etc. Used to play tennis competitively and was socially active in team tennis leagues. Once we moved to Gurgaon, due to time and other constraints, I couldn’t continue with tennis and gradually all athletic activity stopped. For about 5 months, I didn’t really do any thing. During this time I put on some weight and became irritable. I have always been active and not doing any athletic activity threw my balance off. My work is quite stressful which didn’t help things either. I had joined gyms before but was never satisfied with them so I knew joining a regular gym wasn’t the solution. I had to find a way to be physically, competitively and socially engaged. I have friends back in the US who had told me great things about Crossfit. I never joined in the US because I was so involved in other things. Here in Gurgaon, I thought this a good opportunity to try it out. I attended my first session at Crossfit Life Performance in January 2015. It was very challenging workout for me. Coach Vijay Raj scaled the workout down for me and yet my body ached for days. I dreaded going for my second workout but I went, and then the third workout and so on….now its been a year and a half since I started. I cannot imagine my life without crossfit. Crossfit for me is group of friends who workout together, compete against and motivate each other. I am grateful to have this group of people in my life.
Crossfit has helped me become stronger, healthier and improve as a person, which has positively affected other aspects of my life. It has driven me to develop and sustain good lifestyle habits, which I hope my children pick up on. My father, sister and brother in-law have also started crossfit where they live and are absolutely in love with it.

Memorable achievements:

There have been many, small and big. Improvements have happened in small increments over time. When I graduated from jumping pull-ups to kipping pull-ups. One day I was able to do proper one-legged squats, which came as complete but very pleasant surprise. Setting PR’s in the Olympic lifts is always gratifying. Have drastically improved all my lifts. One morning last year, for the first time I Rx’d a benchmark WOD that gave me enormous satisfaction and confidence. Since then, I try to push the limit on all of my wods. Just recently, after months of work, I was able to string together 3 muscle-ups!! It was an amazing feeling of achievement and progress. I am proud of the past achievements and looking forward to future accomplishments.

What would I tell someone considering crossfit life performance:

Adhish, Rohit and Vijay are the coaches at CFLP and are very hands-on. They have practical and theoretical knowledge and are constantly working to learn more to further their effectiveness as crossfit coaches. I feel safe working out under their guidance. They monitor our workouts closely to ensure we maintain proper form in the movements. They inspire and motivate us to push ourselves past our limits. All of them go above and beyond to help us with any questions, issues we may be having. The CFLP team is welcoming and friendly. CFLP members and staff are a community of people from varied backgrounds that have come together to become stronger and healthier. We hangout outside of the box as well. We meet for barbeques, potlucks, movies etc.

Crossfit workouts are varied and seldom repeat. This keeps you from getting used to a particular workout which results in measurable improvement across the fitness spectrum. In other words, it never get boring!

It doesn’t matter what your limitations and strengths are, crossfit can help you. CFLP will challenge you physically and mentally and if you just stick with it, one day at a time, one rep at a time, you will see and feel the benefits.